Who we are

The Cathartist is YOU

This website is a movement for you and by you.  Your contributions and support make it what it is!  The content you see on this website reflects the individual strength and experiences of the survivors and advocates who submit their work to us.



The Co-Founders

Our Intern


Julie Gras-Najjar

I hope this site continues to grow and be a collaborative space that serves as a family for survivors and advocates as we work through trauma, healing, and celebrating life!  For example, I would like to celebrate the fact that my collection of panda paraphernalia continues to grow and now includes a pair of shoes.  When I'm not managing this site or counting my panda trinkets, I love to read, marathon-watch LOTR, and ride my red bicycle.

Navila Rashid

I love cheese, but my twitter bio says: "I like to ramble jargon, but I love writing more." Whichever you find to be true, one thing for sure is that my love for creating safe spaces for victims and survivors is insatiably fulfilling. It's amazing to see the light of hope and relief that individuals get when they come across our initiative and to see how important it is to address sexual violence. My hope is to continue to spark a flare of creativity and to become inspired by those who embark on their journey towards coping and healing. 


Sophie Gorham

When I was younger I loved comics, and I still do today. As a kid I wanted to become a comic book artist. Now that I'm in college I've given up on that idea, but drawing and creating still play an important role in my life. I believe that processing your experiences through art can be on of the most empowering forms of healing, because is is fully self-directed. I am excited to be a part of this initiative, and hope to be able to help provide a safe space for survivors to heal and express themselves, no matter where they are. 


© Beenish Akhtar

We would like to thank Beenish Akhtar for taking the time to design our logo and banners that you will see throughout our site. It has been wonderful working with her as she made our initiative come to life visually. 

If you would like to contact Beenish for quotes on designs and projects, please feel free to email her at: