The Cathartist is a place for anyone to share their stories of sexual violence and abuse.   A place to be heard, to rest, and to grow.


A Place to Share

Sometimes, it's easier to express pain with poetry, prose, music, painting, and other forms of art. There is a lot of unfortunate stigma, taboo, and silence surrounding sexual violence, making it even more difficult and intimidating for survivors to come forward and reach out to others.  

Stories, through whatever art form, can be a powerful medium for healing and for thought-provoking awareness.  At The Cathartist, we believe that sharing your story can be a step to healing, and that no one should have to live with their pain alone, or in silence.  In this space, you are heard, you are believed, and you are part of a movement.



We want these stories to be heard and to be a force for change.  Part of our mission is to work with individuals and communities to provide tools and foster dialogue about sexual violence prevention, stigma, and resources for survivors.  Follow us for developments in our projects and learn how you could be involved!


Feel free to contact us about information and tools for your communities or if you are interested in having us speak at an event. 



Real Talk: A Call to Conscience event

Real Talk: A Call to Conscience event