Parking Lot Prey

Couldn't find a good parking spot, so parked in this lonely neighborhood. I was walking, the street was kinda empty but it was 9 am, in the morning. I see this man, big man. in his mid30s, infront of me. He starts to walk towards me with the most disgusting look on his face.I could tell he is going to grab me in any second.. I was planning my next move, should I scream or call 911. Or run the other way, I was completely frozen, I couldn't think anything.A lady came out walking from the trail. Ahhhh the relief,I exhaled the biggest sigh of relief. I walked at my fastest speed to keep up with her. The man murmured somethin gibberish to me, as I left..


That few seconds of my life was the first time I forgot I live in a human world, I forgot that I am a human. Felt like a weak, helpless animal in the wild, about to be preyed on.