Barbies in, Sex Toys out!

As a six year old, playing in an apartment with your friend who's five years older than you is probably the one thing that raises your 'cool kid' status. Little did I know that it would also be a memory that I would try to erase in the years after.

Eating lunch and about school were the usual things on our agenda. That day however, she was acting a bit strange. She started talking about boys and how she wanted to 'go steady' with this one guy in her class. After her babbling for what seemed liked ages, she asked me if I was interested in anyone and if any guys had ever touched me.

That should have been my moment to just stand up and leave, but I didn't. I just sat there and stared at her then at the dolls laying sprawled next to her. My eyes, shifting back and forth, thinking if I should answer her. Amidst my contemplation, I hadn't realized that she had taken my hand and slowly began rubbing them against her body. I pulled back only for her to say that this is what friends do.

I was embarrassed and felt so dirty. As if being horny wasn't enough, she took the barbie doll that was lying on the floor.

"Look, this will feel amazing. Just copy me!"

She grabbed the doll and started gliding it up and down her vagina and at one point inside of her. I couldn't watch and started walking away. She grabbed me and glared. Pulled me down next to her and said, "Do it."

It would be safe to say that the reason why I hate barbie dolls and stuffed animals to this day, is because of her.