Breaking Silence Documentary Kickstarter

Support Nadya Ali as she undertakes the project to 'Break Silence' about sexual violence within the Muslim Community. 

"Breaking Silence will be the first of its kind in documenting American Muslim women’s stories about their experiences, coping, coming out to their families and friends, and their insight about the change that needs to take place to help survivors, punish perpetrators, and prevent reoccurrences."

Being a part of this journey that Nadya Ali and Salah Anwar and Javier Vazquez have worked on for close to a year now has been a privilege and honor for me (Navila). We shy away from these topics as Muslims, as South Asians. It's time we break the silence and I completely back up this effort of some amazingly talented and motivated folks on their project. Share and contribute as much as you are willing to! This is quite a relevant and important cause that is interconnected with so many other social injustices out there. Donate even if it's a $1, because this can shift our language and perception on how we address sexual assault in the Muslim Community.

Don't forget, we're here to work together and start dialogue but moves towards policy change, social change and eventually cognitive change on an institution of oppression that has been normalized for too long.


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